Piano Fix & Tuning – What to Look For in a Secondhand Piano (Tuning Pins, Cracked Wrest Planks)

You can choose up an outdated antique piano for $four hundred. I know, because I just sold one particular. But how do you know if it’s value buying at all? Will it be repairable and will it be Alright for your kid to learn on? You need to know what to look for.

The wrest plank and tuning pins of my Moore & Moore upright piano all looked exceptional. It was one of the greatest I would at any time witnessed in that respect–there was no proof of damaged or abused pins, they all appeared unique, none had been hammered in, none had marks on them, they had been not bent and there ended up no signs of cracks or other harm to the wrest plank. The sound board (the biggest piece of wooden, driving the strings in the centre of the instrument) experienced no cracks both, and the strings all seemed wonderful. The motion (the transferring components) labored effectively on all the notes, and the dampers stopped the seem of each and every note when you lifted the essential or elevated the damper pedal. There was one particular missing plastic key, but that would be simple to exchange. Most old pianos would not appear so excellent on the inside of.

Then, a couple of weeks afterwards I acquired a complaint from the quite let down customer:

“Hello Margaret. Soon after we experienced the piano shipped we received a piano tuner out and were actually let down…it was not able to be tuned…when the tuner experimented with to tighten the pins they would unwind straight absent and she stated it was no good at all…so we have hired a piano. When the fellas came out to deliver the [new] piano they also mentioned “No, which is cactus…”

But the piano was truly really tunable, and the inside workings ended up in extremely good problem. Eventually, soon after more guidance from me, the consumer realised he’d located a really usable instrument.

The ability of the tuner is paramount to maintaining the strings and tuning pins ‘on pitch.’ When living in the distant town of Karratha, I taught myself to tune a really aged piano in significantly worse condition than this. I also did some tunings on a pair of my students’ previous pianos. In all instances it was quite challenging to keep them in tune for far more than a few minutes, partly thanks to my very poor strategy with the tuning hammer (lever). However, when a specialist tuner came to city he did a marvelous task and the a few rickety outdated pianos stayed nicely in tune for several months.

When a piano has not been tuned for some many years it might need far more than 1 tuning to ‘come up to pitch.’ It is extremely hard to know how properly this is going to pan out, you can only attempt it and see how numerous tunings it requirements. The strings have tonnes of rigidity and you have to wait around for the rigidity to even out before performing one more tuning. It can take months prior to the tuning settles.

When he purchased my Moore & Moore piano I advised him it essential re-hydrating (it essential far more h2o or humidity in the wood). If the wrest plank experienced dried out the pins would definitely be free. In Karratha we re-hydrated all 3 previous pianos and it produced a Huge distinction. The simple cure is to location a beaker of water inside the piano at the bottom. The larger, the better, due to the fact people are inclined to forget about them and they at some point operate out of drinking water. It takes weeks to have an impact. This re-hydrating also seemed to resolve an motion issue that two of our pianos had. Some tuners will not like drinking water beakers, they reckon they will cause difficulties with the motion or rust the strings so skilled suggestions ought to be sought from a specialist technician, but it labored effectively for us. There are commercially-available humidifiers/de-humidifiers specially manufactured for pianos.

Yet another low-cost strategy to aid with the tuning is to hammer the pins into the wrest plank. It truly is a common treatment but there is a restrict to how much and how typically the pins can be hammered in. piano movers london on this aged piano seemed like they’d in no way been hammered at all, so that was even now a feasible choice. It’s definitely a occupation for a skilled piano technician, to keep away from injury to the pins or wrest plank.

A considerably far more high-priced approach is to change the pins with greater pins (they arrive in different dimensions), but it would be a huge undertaking and it would be less costly to get an additional piano.

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